5 Things To Do At A Maya Site

We have heard people say, “we are going to see the temples”, when they decide to go on a tour of an ancient Maya City. If thats the only things they are pursuing, we think they will miss the rest of the site. You see there are more than temples at these sights. There are palaces and stelae and ball courts and altars, just to name a few. None-the-less we want to challenge you to do these five things when you visit an ancient Maya City.

  1. Think about your life as it is presently and realise that the people who built these cities were very much like us. Like us, they had to figure out how best to manage all things in their environment to make sure they survived. Whether they were kings or farmers.

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Cerros in Northern Belize, Corozal

2.   Smell the aroma of the place. Interestingly, most ancient Maya Cities are found within jungle settings. There are moments when the aroma of the forest can uplift not only your olfactory but all the other senses we possess. Including memories of past moments.

3. Take time to sit alone. Find a comfortable spot, whether high or low within the city and knock all thoughts out of your system. Slowly bring into your process the idea that humans very much like yourself decided that their lives would be lived and played out in the exact place you now find yourself. Maya cities are very ‘human’.

DSC06541Xunantunich, San Jose Succotz, Cayo

4. Make a memory and make certain that you are in the picture. Maya sites make many people feel accomplished. Some people get lost in the moment and the education and the hundreds of questions about the ancient people who built the cities that they many times for get to imprint a digital memory of themselves – especially when you are with friends and people you care for and love. Snap away!

DSC06413 Red paint on a bench at Cahal Pech, Belize

5. Imagine the place in colour. Ancient Maya Cities in Belize are found within the region archaeologists call the central Maya lowlands. This region, according to them was predominantly painted red. Certainly there were at least 6 other colours, but red was the bold choice the owners of these cities preferred.

Now, its time to do these things in Belize. We will be waiting for you.

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