A Maya River Route Becomes A Race

Get set! Race of the year (Every Year)

                                 Get set! Race of the year (Every Year) – Picture credit: Victor Moreno

There is a river that starts its life in the mountains of Belize from a spring. That spring decided a million years ago that it will find a way through the mountains of a land that later hosted Paleoindians, Archaic people, Proto Maya, Maya people and todays contemporary Belizeans. It ripped its way; it climbed; it pushed; it tore through all barriers it found in its path – cleared all things to the granitic floor that it decided to make its bed.

This river, called the Macal River, is one of two that meet two and a half miles north of San Ignacio and Santa Elena towns (twin towns), and start the longest river in the country called the Belize River. It must be highlighted that the country of Belize may have gotten its name from the name the original Yucatec maya called that river: “Baltiz”, which means “muddy water”.

Every year for over 10 years there is a race that happens on this river. Its called the “La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge”. Its amazing! Do not miss it next year. It all happens on the weekend of the ninth of March every year and you too can be a part of it!

Ruta Maya Sean RamclamPhoto credit – Shaun Ramclam

This race is a commemoration not only of the original “highway” the contemporary people of the area used to travel to and from the economic capital city, Belize City, but also the route and the “causeway” the ancient Maya traveled. They traded and they raided on these rivers. March ninth weekend is a time of family and adventure in Belize. It is also a time of river history and friendships. Its  a time of ‘stretching out’ from hectic days, weeks and months. It is also a weekend of water. Everywhere you go around the country of Belize there will be water activities. None, however like the Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge.

We believe you should be here!

RUTA MAYA 2Racing teams lining up! Picture credit: Victor Moreno

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