“Nine” is the number that, for the ancient Maya, represents the “underworld”, “Metnal”, “The Place of Fright”.  This number in Maya numerals is represented by a bar and four dots on top of the bar – the logo of this company reflects just that. The second ‘dot’ in the logo has a fingerprint on it, reflecting the important element of uniqueness of culture and people. The bar, which is a small tree branch, has a leaf with two water droplets reflective of a green livable world that we must protect and infuse new leadership into from the depths of all our combined creation place!

After all the grotesque has been explained about the Maya underworld, what remains is the core essence of this great place. This is the “Creation Place”! Everything for these people was created in the underworld. The rain god and god of lightning Cha’ac make’s its home exactly there (and what power does this Deity still possess for every culture on the planet!). Corn, one of the major cornerstones of Maya nutrition was created in this great place.

The Maya myth on the creation of humans reflects the idea that man was created three times. First, from clay, but, they just melted away with the rain; second, from wood, but they rotted at their feet and had no soul – the gods destroyed the earth by flooding it and the few “stick men” that saved themselves climbed tall trees – and they are today’s monkeys. The third and final creation of man, us, was from corn which was created in this very same great place which this company reflects in the numeral that represents it.

NINE is a company dedicated to the cultures of the country of Belize. It wants to be the leader in cultural activities and tours in the country. The idea of this company is to empower Belizeans who are involved directly and indirectly in the tourism industry, with leadership roles in the different areas of their expertise and their training in every sector of the Belizean economy and social foundation.

NINE is synonymous with culture. It wants to be the leader in cultural tourism and education and most importantly, wants to help in the creation of leaders at every level of the company and of the communities that the company will serve.

We hope that you will find NINE important in your visit to the country of Belize as we offer you our tours and our friendship and our cultural immersion, as our slogan suggests. NINE is Belize.

Welcome to Nine Belize Eco Cultural Tours! Welcome to the country of Belize.