Actun Tunichil Muknal | ATM Cave

“’The place of fright’…imagine walking into one of the most revered and feared places in your world view, in water. You have heard of the souls that have been offered to the gods. Souls that never returned from the cold, watery underworld and now, you are walking in…”

This is the place heralded by the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and countless other educational and adventure channels and magazines as the most fantastic expedition in Belize, if not in the entire Central American region, or the world! You have the chance to experience it for yourself.

Travel by road for about 22 miles from San Ignacio (7 miles off road) and we will get to the parking lot where you will be geared up for the 45 minute hike over a river, three times. No drama, it’s almost always at knee high deep. At the ‘camp site’ (where archaeologists camped while uncovering the cave’s history), the team gathers for lunch and prepare for three to four hours inside the cave.

The hour glass shape of the entrance is alluring, beckoning any and all to come into the bowels of Xibalba. A quick swim in (20 feet, 8 to 10 feet deep) starts your journey into the vaginal entrance of the womb of the earth – this cave is nine miles long. You walk in water from knee high to chest high for approximately 950 meters.

Not to be averted there are a couple tight spaces of fallen rock and a 15 feet climb toward the back part of the journey that will be necessary to get to the highlight of this cave: the cathedral. This is the place where the thousand years old pots and ceramic plates and what are believed to be sacrificial victims (14 of them). Here you will be in the middle of a cathedral in which your presence alone can give justice to the story.

Tour Departs: 8:15 AM
Tour Returns: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Duration: 8 to 9 hours (1 hour travel to the cave, 90 minutes hiking to and from parking lot, and one hour travel time back to San Ignacio
Ecology: Secondary broadleaf forest, some cleared forest for farming, the Roaring Creek, ten feet wide pathways through forest.
Fitness: Intense. People that are hikers, walkers, joggers and gym members will do great on this adventure
Dress: Comfortable shorts or long hiking, dry fit trousers, t-shirt or dry fit shirt, light weight tennis shoe are best with closed toes have been proven to be the best option as hiking shoes are too bulky and heavy in water, sun block, a dry suit of comfortable clothes for changing after the tour.
What to Bring: Water, lunch and snacks will be provided

Nota Benne: If you go on this tour with NINE Belize, it will be the best adventure you didn’t miss. If you don’t, you will be wishing you did.

Questions: Call 214-550-6716, 501-610-2110/501-602-6682 or email

San Ignacio to Actun Tunichil Muknal. (Note: this tour can be designed privately for 2 to 4 people. Please check with us for prices.)  USD$ 125.00 per pax (MIN 2 pax; MAX 8 pax)
Lunch included.
Maximum of 8 guests per guide are allowed in this cave.
Contact for private and night tours.***Government fees are subject to change