Barton Creek Cave

“Chaac, the god of thunder and lightning and rain is an incredibly curious god; his phenomenal being resided in the underworld. Yes, that very same place of fright and of the grotesque. Fascinatingly, unlike any other deity, he was both malevolent and benevolent…”

Nestled into the side of one of the Maya Mountains, water has eroded the limestone into an underground river. Today, many guests that come to Belize are fascinated by this geological wonder. The route into the cave is on an underground river we call Barton Creek.

To get to the site is a history lesson itself, as the dirt roads will take you through the conservative Mennonite community at Barton Creek. These absolutely nice people live on their small farms as they always have with roots from Chihuahua Mexico, they are German and Dutch.

Barton Creek Cave river system goes in for more than 9 kilometers. It’s a slow paddle into the cave. The roof of the cave goes up for more than 80 feet high and the width of the river is a consistent 15 feet wide. The natural architecture coming off the roof is fantastic! It looks gothic, cathedral style. A great camera will do some justice to what this art piece looks like but your eyes are best to witness this marvel underground!

Tour Departs: Anytime between 7:30 AM and 2:30 PM
Duration: 1.5 hours
Ecology: Secondary broadleaf forest, some cleared for farming, the Barton Creek
Fitness: Medium, approximately 150 to 250 calories, sitting in a canoe is necessary
Dress: Camera, comfortable and cool, shorts and t-shirts to the Indiana Jones ensemble, Sneakers, or sandals
What to Bring: Sun block, water, a snack

Nota Benne: This tour can be done on its own or as a combination with another half day activity

Questions: Call 214-550-6716 or 501-610-2110/501-602-6682 or email

San Ignacio to Barton Creek Cave
45 minutes away from town depending on road conditions; 1 to 1.5 hours in the cave.
USD$ 220.00 (1 – 4 PAX)Additional pax USD$ 35.00 per pax.
Includes all equipment.***Government fees are subject to change