“Maya lords fought their own battles and a king often paid for defeat in the coin of his own capture and sacrifice.”

In 562AD a war was waged in the jungle of the Northern Peten, Guatemala. After the smoke cleared, a king was captured and he was taken to the city of Caracol. Pump and circumstance ensued; he was handled as any royal ambassador would have been respected but his fate was written in stone – literally – on a ball court marker that was found at a ball court of the great city. Tikal, the defeated city fell “silent” (nothing was written) for 130 years!

Rising out of the Maya Mountain jungle at 140 feet from the plaza floor, Caana (Sky Place), the tallest building the ancient Maya built in Belize stands its ground as one of the most majestic and powerful ancient cities in the classic period (300AD – 900AD), within the central Maya lowlands.

A place filled with Plazas, palaces, sacbe’s (ceremonial white roads), temples and the most tombs in the Maya area, Caracol, will be a fascinating experience for you.

Tour Departs: 7:30 AM
Tour Returns: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Time at Site: 3 to 4 hours
Ecology: Upland Pine Savanna and broad leaf forests
Energy Necessary: Between 260 and 340 Calories (Medium)
Dress: Relaxed and comfortable (Shorts and T-shirts to Indiana Jones style)
What to Bring: Camera, sun block, hat, hiking shoes or sneakers, shades, canteen and energy!

Nota Benne: There’s more than Maya buildings at the site, it’s eco-archaeology.

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San Ignacio to Caracol. Includes stops at Rio Frio Cave and Rio On Pools. USD$ 345.00 (1 – 4 pax)
Additional pax USD$ 45.00 per pax.
Entrance Fees Included
NOTE WELL: LUNCH INCLUDED ***Government fees are subject to change.