tikal tour

Tikal, The Place of Voices

This tour leaves San Ignacio Town at 7:30
Please ask us about our transfers from your hotel.
This tour returns between 5PM and 6PM in the evening.
Tour included transportation to Tikal, Guatemala from San Ignacio and return.
It also includes entrance fees, Guide, lunch, and park entrance fee.

COST: USD$175.00 per person. (Price changes after 5 pax)

This price DOES NOT INCLUDE USD$18.75 Border management fee at the Belize border (One time charge)

Tikal is one of the most wonderful Maya Cities in the maya world. It promises fantastic history and tremendous pictures for great memories. The Maya of Tikal tell a story in architecture, politics, mathematics and astronomy. Added to the picturesque old City is a rain forest which one will navigate through on trails (called picado’s) where a surprise of wild animals can make their appearance to entertain you and certainly your cameras.

Tikal is approximately 65 miles from the border. The transfer to the park is all paved and comfortable.

The tour starts around 10AM and it goes for over three hours, hence, lunch is not until about 2PM.
Going up into the site is slower than coming back down as your guide will be educating you with the site’s history as you walk through plaza after plaza.

Wear comfortable clothing (shorts or some loose clothing) and comfortable hiking or tennis shoes. A cap won’t be a bad idea. If you have sensitive skin please wear enough sunblock. Repellent is optional, you don’t need to put on any unless your guide suggests it or you feel safe wearing it.

Water is everywhere for sale in the park. Always hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

It’s time to go to Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Please email info@ninebelize.com to reserve this tour.